About Us

We want you to be well protected


At Treehouse Health, we have an experienced and hard working team dedicated to providing protection for our clients. Meet the team!



 Peter spent thirty years working in the aviation, technology and transport industry within the U.S. and Europe before returning to the U.K. where he has spent the last twelve years managing a property management company, Ready2Rent, alongside the charitable organisation that this project has developed into over many years. 



 After graduating from Manchester Metropolitan University with a degree in Business Management, Kevin held a number of roles within Sales & Marketing for some large automotive brands before setting up his own Marketing agency.   Kevin has a wealth of business experience with all aspects of Marketing including CRM, experiential, digital, partnerships and POS.  He also has extensive knowledge of sales having developed sales reporting tools that have been used across the world.  



After completing college, Grant worked at a family owned fishing and safari lodge in Northern Zambia whilst travelling around Africa. On his return to the UK, he joined the family business where he helped to develop Crossroads Community Partnership throughout a challenging time. Overcoming these challenges has meant that Grant has gained a significant amount of valuable experience and understanding of working in a business environment preparing him for a more senior role within Treehouse Health.  



 Lesley has spent twenty years as a Senior Business Support Officer within Cheshire East social services. Over the years, Lesley has gained a substantial amount of knowledge of the requirements needed to provide a sustainable quality care package. 


We are a new venture inspired by the many years of experience we have acquired whilst working within community care and the supported and sheltered housing sector. The concept of our organisation derived from the need to improve the process in which our loved ones are transferred from the hospital back to their homes whilst also receiving ongoing effective and affordable care where necessary. 

Treehouse will be a safe place providing respite care and recovery. Assessments of strengths and vulnerabilities will take place ensuring the client regains confidence and independence before returning home. Continued support from the staff is also available if it is required by the patient. 

Our future plans consist of constructing one hundred apartments, sixty of which will be single bedrooms and forty of which will be two bedrooms. Alongside the apartments, eighty two bedroom houses are being built to ensure lifelong partners can remain together whilst still receiving treatment.

We understand that various treatments and care packages come at a great cost, therefore, at Treehouse we have established our facilities at an affordable price without sacrificing the quality of the treatment supported by a two year detailed market study and significant amounts of research.