Supernova Hand Sanitiser Dispenser (800ml Pouch Refill)


Supernova Hand Sanitiser Dispenser (800ml Pouch Refill)

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Together, the Supernova Hand Sanitiser Dispenser and Supernova Hand Sanitiser Solution 800ml pouches provide rapid, long-lasting disinfection and biological cleanliness to any environment where the transfer of germs by hand is a concern. Each squirt of Supernova Hand Sanitiser Solution, produced as a rich foam via the Supernova Hand Sanitiser Dispenser, leaves hands sanitised, soft and refreshed in seconds.

Our range of Supernova certified hand sanitiser and surface sanitiser products has been tested to prove effective against the novel Coronavirus (Covid-19). Supernova alcohol-free germ protection is also effective against many other recognised viruses, bacteria and fungi – including Ebola, MRSA, Clostridium difficile, Swine Flu, and Norovirus.

Quantity: Dispenser x 1 unit